What Helps My Joint Pain, Insomnia and Anxiety

Like any human being on planet Earth, I have bad days here and there. But now that I have my symptoms down to a T, I have discovered some helpful treatments thanks to the recommendation of my docs. Remember to consult your doctor before trying any treatment.

For mild joint or muscle pain, I love Do Terra Deep Blue Rub lotion. It smells lovely and helps to relax the affected area.

For severe joint and muscle pain, I take 2 Aleve. This Naproxen Sodium formula always does the trick for me with no side effects and no requirement for a prescription.

For insomnia, I enjoy using a silk blackout mask, sleepy time tea and 2-4 Valerian Root tablets.

Lastly, for feelings of restlessness or anxiousness, I love Relax Max. I mix a spoon into water or juice and it works magic in my gut to balance my microflora (bacteria) and makes me feel nice and relaxed. It's not just a clever name!