I've Learned That Sharing My Story Helps Others

It never seems fair when someone gets sick. But to be honest, it took me getting sick to be able to empathize with someone on the high level that I do now. I guess I truly needed to feel what it was like to physically break down to be able to see that in others, and want to help them. 

Ultimately, if you're struggling with health problems, I know that it's not fair. Frankly, it's bullshit. But just know that going through rough times makes you stronger. And that makes you uniquely qualified to be in a position to help someone else. Whether it's empathizing with someone or sharing your story, you'd be surprised how much you can use your pain to help others. Patients go through enough as it is, so making someone feel comforted or inspired is a special thing.

In the American society that I live in, any type of illness gets sad or confused looks, and sometimes I am discriminated against because of it. So I truly believe that the more I talk about it, it can inspire others to talk about their experiences. Change can really start with one person. Won't you join me to inspire some mother flipping compassion and remove the stigma?