Why I Love to Wear Boho/Hippie/Gypsy Clothes

In an office, loose clothing and fun jewelry is unprofessional and at a fancy restaurant, it can look sloppy. But honestly, I couldn't care less, and here's why.

On days when I can barely lift my leg or make a fist because my arthritis is so inflamed, boho clothing is the least painful to put on, move in and take off. Why? Bandeaus (strapless bras) slip on without straps and long skirts/loose tops don't involve buttons or zippers. Plus, slip-on loafers and flats don't require hands.

Boho style involves heaps of jewelry. But when Lyme had me at my worst, I couldn't open clasps or fit rings over my fingers. Now that I am recovering, I can open clasps and fit rings over my fingers, so I wear heaps of jewelry. Because it's a privilege to be able to put it on.

I have a place in my heart for boho style, because it minimizes the pain of getting dressed. And as I restore my health, it's a reminder of how far I've come.