How Self-Care Can Appear Quirky

Lyme patients can get a bad rep for practicing self-care, as most of the time, the illness is invisible. So people think, why take time to rest if you don't look sick? But I believe that the key to understanding patients in general is being sympathetic. Wild concept, right? If I weren't affected by Lyme, I'd still have quirks that are unique to me, like my sarcasm, eccentric style, outspoken nature and clumsiness. However, this particular illness has helped shape me into the person that I am. Do you have any of these in common with me?

1. My couch is my best friend

Next to fibromyalgia (muscle pain) and joint pain, fatigue is my biggest symptom, so I'm almost guaranteed to be tired on some level on any given day. If I happen to feel energetic (once in blue moon), I try to cram all of my errands, writing, work, cleaning and socializing in the same day. But the other 99% of the time, I curl up on my grey beauty to rest my muscles, joints and mind.

2. One does not simply work out :)

It takes days of planning and the right mindset for me to drag my bum to the gym. I need to keep my muscles strong though, so I make myself exercise it whenever I feel good. This starts with the simple things: resting enough, eating healthy, staying hydrated and coping with stress properly. I envy people who can just up and go to the gym whenever they want.

3. I have therapeutic items all over my apartment

  • Himalayan salt lamp: in theory, negative salt ions released by heating can purify the air
  • Oil diffuser: disperses oil and steam into the air for a purifying smell
  • Meditation beads: helps me to center myself and reinforce my faith daily
  • Energy crystals: I have various crystal jewelry for their theoretically restorative properties
  • Light therapy: exposes me to a safe amount of light which helps my mood (crucial for the winter months and rainy days)
  • Heating pad: helps alleviate pain in sore muscles
  • Back massager: also helps alleviate pain in sore muscles
  • Air purifier: improves my air quality, vital since I live in a huge city

4. I outsource certain chores

Thank goodness for my Jisiwei automatic vacuum and Alexa speaker. The robotic vacuum helps me save energy when I'm too sore to clean. And Alexa is a speaker by Amazon that plays music and answers questions on voice command without me having to lift a finger.

Disclaimer: I was not paid or compensated in any way to write these reviews.