38 Musicians, Athletes, Models and Movie / TV Stars Treated For Lyme Disease

Did you know that George W. Bush was once treated for Lyme Disease? How about Michael J. Fox? I took the liberty of compiling a list of these 38 musicians, authors, models, tv personalities, professional athletes, business leaders and politicians who have been diagnosed with and/or treated for Lyme Disease.

How long will this list get until there is a cure? Or even doctors who don't discredit patient suffering? I'll get off my soapbox for now. In the meantime, Here's my running list:

  1. Avril Lavigne: Singer/Songwriter
  2. Bella Hadid: Model
  3. Anwar Hadid: Fashion Model
  4. Yolanda Foster: TV Personality
  5. Shania Twain: Musician
  6. Kelly Osborne: TV Personality
  7. Alec Baldwin: Actor
  8. Ashley Olsen: Actress
  9. Richard Gere: Actor
  10. Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Actress
  11. Jane Alexander: Actress
  12. Christy Turlington: Model
  13. Jennifer Capriati: Professional Tennis Player
  14. George W. Bush: Former President
  15. Rebecca Wells: Author
  16. Alice Walker: Author
  17. Amy Tan: Author
  18. Karen Allen: Actress
  19. Parker Posey: Actress
  20. Daryl Hall: Musician
  21. Kathleen Hanna: Musician
  22. Neneh Cherry: Musician
  23. Debbie Gibson: Musician
  24. Christie Brinkley: Model
  25. Michael J. Fox: Actor
  26. Pete Seeger: Musician
  27. Peter Sarsgaard: Actor
  28. Gary Player: Professional Golfer
  29. Tom Seaver: Professional Baseball Player
  30. Bill Chinnock: Musician
  31. Crystal Harris: Model
  32. Allie Hilfiger: TV Producer
  33. Irene McGee: TV Personality
  34. Mark Ruffalo: Actor
  35. Linda Ronstadt: Musician
  36. Tim Simpson: Professional Golfer
  37. Randy Travis: Musician
  38. John Caudwell: Businessman