2017 Is a Record Year for Lyme

The world is buzzing about the upcoming spike in Lyme Disease this year, thanks to the animals that spread the transmitting ticks.

Here are some smart tips to protect yourself, courtesy of SHAPE and Tech Times:

  • Keep It Dry: when coming home from the outdoors, check your clothing for ticks; even dry clothes should be tumble dried on high heat for 10 minutes (ticks can survive the washer but not the dryer)
  • Use Proper Repellent: use a spray like this or this with Permethrin, a clothing-only repellent that kills ticks on contact. Use in addition to your normal skin repellent
  • Watch Your Skin: important body parts to check for ticks: underarms, in/around ears, back of the knees, bellybutton, around the waist, your hair and between legs
  • Treat Your Pet: tick prevention products like this or this keep your pet from bringing in ticks
  • If You Get Bitten: Pull it out from the base to remove the whole thing immediately!
    • See a doctor immediately after you've been bitten—you can get the tick tested for Lyme after you've pulled it out
    • DON'T rule out Lyme because you don't develop a rash. Only about 20 percent of people experience it (and I never had a rash)

While Lyme disease is scary, don't let it stop you from enjoying the great outdoors this summer. You'll definitely find me outside this summer. Just be careful please :)