How I Found My Lyme-Literate Physician

When no one believed that I had Lyme, I had to be my own advocate. Every day for months on end, I spent countless hours on my computer, researching my symptoms, sifting through blogs, trying to find something that could explain my condition.

After much self-advocacy and heavy research, I found this resource. It led me to my Lyme-Literate doctor who ultimately reversed my symptoms! What's my secret? The International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS) can direct you to a Lyme-literate physician in your area.

And, obviously, always consult your doctor before deciding on any treatment. I'm so glad I found my LLP (Lyme-literate physician). If it weren't for her, I'm scared to think what would have happened with my health. You can find the ILADS Doctor/Specialist Referrals here to learn more.