Can a Patient Use Both Eastern and Western Medicine to Heal?

Normally when I think of medicine, there are two types that come to mind: eastern and western. Western being the Americanized system involving the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, the billion dollar insurance industry, overworked doctors and a major focus on symptom relief. Eastern involves meridians (channels), herbs, yin and yang and Qi (energy). 

As I transition from business to healthcare, friends and family ask this question a lot: "Do you want to be a doctor?" I am choosing either traditional medicine (like medical school, PA school or nursing school) or alternative medicine (like electrodermal diagnostics, acupuncture, shamanic healing and chiropractic). But one person thoughtfully asked, "Why not both?"

It hadn't occurred to me that I can learn about Western and Eastern medicine. After all, I myself have experienced both at length, and I find that a combination of things work for me. For example, antibiotics helped me heal from Lyme, but so did herbal remedies and electrodermal testing. I believe that we need to put our egos aside and explore the notion that patients need all the help they can get, so why not attack an illness in every way possible?